A note from the author ...

Firstly, a big thank you for popping over to view my website. My readers mean a great deal to me. You have been kind enough to buy my books, and I can only hope that you have found as much pleasure in reading them as I have in writing them. And if you have, it is only natural that you would be curious about the author, so here's a little bit about me.

As a reader of books, I love science-fiction, drama, espionage, crime and fantasy. I abhor (and I apologise in advance for any offence I may cause) romance novels. I may be a woman and I suspect there is a romantic streak in me somewhere (my husband tells me I do), but I do not want to read about it. The odd romantic scene that is part of the storyline is fine, but the whole fairytale romance thing just turns me cold and has me reaching for the barf bag!

Now, readers are a peculiar breed, (I know because I am one.) and as a rule of thumb, boys and men do not read books written by women. The saddest thing about that statement is that it is something I am guilty of, too. I'll be looking for my next read and dismiss a crime novel by a Barbara in favour of one by a Brian. I hate myself for it and have been making the effort over the last few years NOT to look at the author's name. To my delight, I've found some excellent reads by some little known female authors as well as male ones. So if you have been guilty of a similar crime, I encourage you to take the plunge. I digress, but that is why I took inspiration from J K Rowling and decided to write as A B Potts rather than under my proper name.

Born in 1964 in Ascot, Berkshire, that puts me in my fifites ... on the outside, but inside, I'm about thirty years younger. I was raised in urban Slough where I spent my youth daydreaming in worlds inspired by the likes of Jules Verne, Gene Roddenberry and Ian Fleming. At school, whilst others were listening to the cold, hard facts of the French Revolution, my mind was running amuck through the streets of France with the Scarlet Pimpernel, saving the Dauphin from the evil clutches of ‘Les Citoyens’, or imagining intergalactic fire fights and car chases through the Stelvio Pass with various baddies attempting to machine gun me into oblivion. Little has changed!

Further fuelled by TV programmes such as Doctor Who, The Professionals, The Man from UNCLE and Tomorrow’s World, it is only to be expected that my books would be imaginative and  futuristic. Life being what it is, there's usually a dollop of humour in there, too.

Today, I live just over the border in a beautiful and rural village in North Wales.